Eko-Rad Electric Heater Performance Review

EkoRad sell a range of electric heaters suitable for homeowners looking for efficient heating on a budget.

  • How does the Eko-Rad heater work?
  • How does the control improve the efficiency of the heater?
  • What are the running cost potential of the heater?
  • A Brief Description

    The Eko-Rad is a slimline electric heater that is controlled using a LCD screen that is integrated into the heater. The control comes with: consumption display, window security function, daily / weekly programmer and a presence sensor.

    What is the consumption display?

    The consumption display is a feature that shows how much energy the heater is using whilst actively using electricity. This puts you, the user, in control allowing you to make changes to your usage.

    What is the window security function?

    The window security function is an intelligent add-on that will automatically stop the heater from inputting energy / outputting heat once a window is identified as being open. This is an important feature that increases the efficiency of the heater, ensuring it doesn’t over use energy when heat is not required.

    What is the daily / weekly programmer?

    The programming function enables the user to set a scheduled heat plan. This ensures the heater only consumes / outputs heat when it is required. This is a great function for homeowners with a structured lifestyle.

    Presence Sensor

    The presence senor is an intelligent feature that knows when anyone is within the room. As the Eko-Rad comes with two temperature settings (economy / comfort), the heater will switch between the two temperatures when you enter or exit the room.

    Coming with all these functions enables the heater to run efficiently for all homes. Each function ensures any room is warmed to the exact temperature required.

    For more information about the Eko-Rad heater, you can download their brochure directly through whatheater.co.uk here.

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