Improved Comfort for Office & Commercial Spaces

As well as installing into domestic properties, Fischer Future Heat also provides efficient and fully controllable heating to the commercial sector.

As a company, they have a fully staffed commercial department that priorities business, working hard improve efficiency and controllability of work place heating.

The Regus Offices, Hull

One particular example of Fischer Future Heat installing into workplaces is the installation of their heaters into the Regus Offices in Hull.

Before installing Fischer Future Heat, the Regus offices in Hull were using gas central heating. They were finding it difficult to control the way the heat was dispersed into the room from four boilers. This resulted in expensive running costs and rooms that weren’t fully heated.

The Regus office decided to trial Fischer heating over a 2 month period. Regus was able to ‘estimate a large saving on energy used and were able to completely control the heaters’. This resulted in Regus making the decision to install Fischer electric storage heaters into all office / communal spaces within the Hull office block.

Brian Freestone, Regus Area Manager stated that:

“We are extremely happy now that we have gone with the entire building and we look forward to reaping the benefit of the savings.”

After full success heating their Hull office using Fischer Future Heat, Regus now aim to install Fischer Future Heat in more offices around the UK.

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