Premier Rad are the perfect heating solution that brings a touch of style into your home. With a range of unique and efficient to run electric radiators, you can improve the appearance and comfort of your home. A Paintable version is available, as well as natural stone and slate finishes that give any room a natural feel. Each type of radiator is available in an IPX4 bathroom rated version and can run using WIFI, allowing you to change the temperature using a smartphone when you’re away from home.

Each Premier Rad uses a worldwide patented Silox Dual Stone. This is a sophisticated storage element that is positioned externally on the heater. This unique method of heat storage improves the radiant effect, warming nearby objects / people whilst the internal components distribute warm air and heat the room through convection.

The Silox Dual Stone stores heat fast and retains it for longer. Taking approximately 10 minutes to achieve heat, the Silox Dual Stone can hold the heat for an hour.

Paintable Heaters Available

Premier Rad Eco-Heat is a paintable electric heaters, giving you complete flexibility to choose the colour you want.

Integrated LED Thermostat

Each Premier Radiator is controlled by an easy to use LCD panel. Integrated to the heater for your convenience,



5 Year Guarantee

Premier Radiators come with a 5 year guarantee, providing you with complete peace of mind.

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